WuXi AppTec Triples Peptide Manufacturing Capacity and Launches the New Taixing API Manufacturing Site


Expansion Boosts Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis Total Reactor Volume to 32,000 Liters in Response to Surging Demand

Shanghai, China – January 8, 2024 — WuXi AppTec, a global company that provides a broad portfolio of R&D and manufacturing services that enable companies in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries to advance discoveries and deliver groundbreaking treatments to patients, announced the commissioning of its two new peptide manufacturing plants, one at its Changzhou facility and another at the new Taixing site in China. This significant expansion has increased the company’s Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis (SPPS) total reactor volume to 32,000 liters, addressing the surging global demand for peptide therapeutics.

With this announcement, the Changzhou site inaugurated its third peptide plant. The other newly commissioned peptide plant is situated at the company’s Taixing site. Both new peptide plants utilize cutting-edge digital operation systems with automated solvent delivery, optimizing production consistency, minimizing human errors, and reducing production cycle time.

The company’s WuXi TIDES CRDMO platform provides integrated services for oligonucleotides, peptides, and conjugates, including both API and drug product from discovery to commercial stages. In 2023 alone, WuXi TIDES supported about 50 preclinical to commercial stage peptide projects and produced more than 15 metric tons of peptide APIs and intermediates. With the newly expanded capacity, WuXi TIDES is poised to support more peptide therapeutic developments for global partners.

Commissioning the peptide plant at the Taixing site marks its official launch as the newest and largest of WuXi AppTec’s five API production sites.  Spanning a total area of 169 acres, the Taixing site is designed to manufacture a range of synthetic molecules, including small molecules, peptides, oligonucleotides, and conjugates. The phase I construction includes nine plants with the total reactor volume exceeding 1,000 m3, including a dedicated plant for API clean rooms. This setup enhances API manufacturing efficiency for global customers. Once Taixing site Phase I is fully operational in 2025, the company’s total reactor volume for small molecule API and intermediate manufacturing will surpass 4,000 m3.

Dr. Minzhang Chen, Co-CEO of WuXi AppTec, commented: “The launch of our new peptide manufacturing plants and the development of the new Taixing site are important milestones for WuXi AppTec. Our expanded capacity is essential for accelerating drug development and ensuring a reliable supply chain for our global partners. WuXi AppTec will continue to focus on enhancing our capability and capacity, accelerating innovative therapies to patients globally.”

About WuXi AppTec

As a global company with operations across Asia, Europe, and North America, WuXi AppTec provides a broad portfolio of R&D and manufacturing services that enable the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry around the world to advance discoveries and deliver groundbreaking treatments to patients. Through its unique business models, WuXi AppTec’s integrated, end-to-end services include chemistry drug CRDMO (Contract Research, Development and Manufacturing Organization), biology discovery, preclinical testing and clinical research services, and cell and gene therapies CTDMO (Contract Testing, Development and Manufacturing Organization), helping customers improve the productivity of advancing healthcare products through cost-effective and efficient solutions. WuXi AppTec received AA ESG rating from MSCI in 2023 and its open-access platform is enabling more than 6,000 customers from over 30 countries to improve the health of those in need – and to realize the vision that “every drug can be made and every disease can be treated.”

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