WuXi TIDES, a unique Contract Research and Development Manufacturing Organization (CRDMO) platform, is an integral part of WuXi AppTec. WuXi TIDES offers our worldwide partners efficient, flexible, and high-quality solutions for the development of nucleic acids, peptides, and related synthetic conjugates (“TIDES” products). WuXi TIDES additionally offers building block products for any stage from discovery through commercialization, providing faster, flexible, and more cost-effective solutions to support your nucleic acid and peptide product development.

Nucleic Acid Catalog Products

From Discovery to Development and Commercial Manufacturing


  • ASO
  • PMO Monomer
  • RNA Amidite
  • siRNA
  • Specialty DNA Amidite
  • Specialty Skeletal Modification
  • Specialty Base Modification
  • Specialty RNA Amidite
  • Adenine Series
  • Thymine Series
  • Cytosine Series
  • Guanine Series
  • Uracil Series
  • Inosine Series
  • Abasic Series
  • Reverse Amidite
  • α-DNA Series
  • L-DNA Amidite
  • L-RNA Amidite
  • 2'-amidite Series
  • 2'-OMe Series
  • 2'-F Series
  • 2'-MOE Series
  • 2'-OH Series
  • 2'-amino Series
  • 2'-aminoethyl Series
  • 2'-NMA Series
  • LNA Series
  • GNA Series
  • TNA Series
  • UNA Series
  • ENA Series
  • Me-P Series
  • PS Series
  • PACE Series
  • OMe-P Series
  • Amino Modifiers
  • Thiol Modifiers
  • Phosphate Modifier
  • Spacer Modifiers

Amino Acid Catalog Products

From Discovery to Development and Commercial Manufacturing


  • Derivative of Natural AA
  • Side Chain Modified AA
  • Unusual AA
  • Backbone Modified AA
  • Unnatural AA
  • Alpha-alkylated
  • N-Me AA
  • Homo-natural AA
  • Beta AA
  • Gamma AA
  • Alkenyl AA
  • Azido/Alkynyl AA
  • Sugar AA
  • Urea AA
  • Phos AA
  • Lipidated AA
  • PEG AA
  • Pseudo AA
  • Aryl AA
  • Alkane AA


  • Scalability

    From discovery to development and commercialization all within WuXi TIDES with readily available large R&D and manufacturing capacity

  • Integrated CMC

    API process R&D and manufacturing, formulation development and manufacturing, analytical, CMC dossier preparation and clinical supply services

  • Comprehensive Analytical Platform

    Method development and validation, IPC and release testing, characterization, stability

  • New Technology

    Oligonucleotide: Biocatalysis for gRNA synthesis, Thin Film Evaporation (TFE)
    Peptide: Reactor-in-series (with PAT data collection) , continues flow chromatography, Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) / precipitation

  • Global Quality Standard

    One quality system across all sites approved by major regulatory agencies in the world

  • Conjugation Chemistry

    Seamless collaboration among oligonucleotide, peptide and small molecule teams

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Amino Acid Catalog
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  • LNA MeC(Ac) amidite


    Category: LNA Series

    Catalog ID STA-AM10026

    M.F.: C43H52N5O9P

    CAS: No data

    Purity: >99%

  • MMTr C6 amine amidite


    Category: Amino Modifiers

    Catalog ID STA-AM10108

    M.F.: C35H48N3O3P

    CAS: 114616-27-2

    Purity: >95%

  • LNA G(dmf) amidite


    Category: LNA Series

    Catalog ID STA-AM10028

    M.F.: C44H53N8O8P

    CAS: 709641-79-2

    Purity: >99%

  • GNA G(iBu) amidite


    Category: GNA Series

    Catalog ID STA-AM10032

    M.F.: C42H52N7O7P

    CAS: 182625-68-9

    Purity: >98%

  • 2'-C16 A(Bz) amidite


    Category: Specialty RNA Amidite

    Catalog ID STA-AM10120

    M.F.: C63H84N7O8P

    CAS: 2382942-35-8

    Purity: >97%

  • TNA T amidite


    Category: TNA Series

    Catalog ID STA-AM10061

    M.F.: C39H47N4O8P

    CAS: 325683-94-1

    Purity: >98%

  • CPR amidite


    Category: Phosphate Modifier

    Catalog ID STA-AM10112

    M.F.: C34H45N2O7PS

    CAS: 108783-02-4

    Purity: >95%

  • GNA T amidite


    Category: GNA Series

    Catalog ID STA-AM10089

    M.F.: C38H47N4O7P

    CAS: 168332-13-6

    Purity: >98%

  • GNA U amidite


    Category: GNA Series

    Catalog ID STA-AM10029

    M.F.: C37H45N4O7P

    CAS: 494784-15-5

    Purity: >97%

  • Reverse abasic amidite


    Category: Abasic Series

    Catalog ID STA-AM10555

    M.F.: C35H45N2O6P

    CAS: 401813-16-9

    Purity: >98%

  • GNA C(Ac) amidite


    Category: GNA Series

    Catalog ID STA-AM10090

    M.F.: C39H48N5O7P

    CAS: 1159174-80-7

    Purity: >98%

  • TNA C(Bz) amidite


    Category: TNA Series

    Catalog ID STA-AM10062

    M.F.: C45H50N5O8P

    CAS: 325683-96-3

    Purity: >97%

  • TNA A(Bz) amidite


    Category: TNA Series

    Catalog ID STA-AM10063

    M.F.: C46H50N7O7P

    CAS: 325683-93-0

    Purity: >98%

  • TNA G(dmf) amidite


    Category: TNA Series

    Catalog ID STA-AM10349

    M.F.: C42H51N8O7P

    CAS: No data

    Purity: >97%

  • GNA A(Bz) amidite


    Category: GNA Series

    Catalog ID STA-AM10031

    M.F.: C45H50N7O6P

    CAS: 851050-24-3

    Purity: >98%

  • 6-(Cholesterol)amino-hexyl amidite


    Category: Cholesterol Modifier

    Catalog ID STA-AM10325

    M.F.: C43H76N3O4P

    CAS: 143723-64-2

    Purity: >95%

  • LNA T amidite


    Category: LNA Series

    Catalog ID STA-AM10025

    M.F.: C41H49N4O9P

    CAS: 206055-75-6

    Purity: >99%

  • LNA A(Bz) amidite


    Category: LNA Series

    Catalog ID STA-AM10027

    M.F.: C48H52N7O8P

    CAS: 206055-79-0

    Purity: >99%

LNA MeC(Ac) amidite

Category: LNA Series

Catalog ID: STA-AM10026

M.F.: C43H52N5O9P

CAS: No data

Purity: >99%