About Us

WuXi TIDES, a unique Contract Research and Development Manufacturing Organization (CRDMO) platform, is an integral part of WuXi STA, a subsidiary of WuXi AppTec. WuXi TIDES offers our worldwide partners efficient, flexible, and high-quality solutions for the development of nucleic acids, peptides, and related synthetic conjugates (“TIDES” products). WuXi TIDES additionally offers building block products for any stage from discovery through commercialization, providing faster, flexible, and more cost-effective solutions to support your oligonucleotide, mRNA and peptide product development.

Why WuXi TIDES Catalog Products?

  • Scalability

    From discovery to development and commercialization all within WuXi TIDES with readily available large R&D and manufacturing capacity

  • Custom Synthesis

    Producing any modified product or desired custom structure with superior quality and reliable lead times

  • Expertise

    Access our network of technical experts utilizing the most advanced chemistries for technological advancements in nucleic acid and peptide products

  • Global Quality Standard

    One quality system across all sites approved by major regulatory agencies around the world

  • Inventory

    Secure and consistent supply from grams to multi-kilograms always in stock

  • Vertical Integration

    Reliability of WuXi TIDES value chain with integrated geographical location of chemical building block production and TIDES product production